Jose – spotkanie na IG

Jose – spotkanie na IG

W ramach “Spotkany na IG” dzisiaj rozmowa Jose Manuel Fernández – MISTER FETISH ILBS 2018!

[MisterSeeMore] – First of all, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for the Polish fetish blog.  Tell us who you are what is your home country?

[Jose] – My name is Jose Manuel Fernandez. I was born in La Rioja but currently living in León. Both cities are located in the north of Spain. Currently I work as military in the Spanish Air Force. I also collaborate with the Spanish Red Cross in the emergency program. In my spare time I like to ride my motorcycle.

[MisterSeeMore] – In your recent pictures you are with your sash MR. FETISH ILBS 2018. What exactly is it?

[Jose] – My title is Mister Fetish ILBS 2018 (International Leather & Boots Spain – Seville meeting). I won this title in the city of Seville, back in January 2018.

[MisterSeeMore] – How is gay life down there in your home country?

[Jose] – We are a very lucky country, because here we have the support of the authorities and LGBTI rights are widely accepted, respected and protected by law.  Gay life in Spain is very exiting, and the districts of Chueca in Madrid, Eixample in Barcelona and the Alameda the Hercules zone in Seville are the most popular among spanish and international guest. Here you can walk aside the hottest leather guys, meet the most entertaining drag queens and have the night of your life in the most loud and hot parties in the Mediterranean.

[MisterSeeMore] – Have you ever met any Polish guys? If so, how do you find Polish gay men?

[Jose] – Yes, I have had the honor to meet many Polish guys in Madrid at one of the largest fetish events in Europe. And let me tell you that polish guys are wild and very sexy, specially my friends from the polish rubber community.

[MisterSeeMore] – If one likes partying, what is the best place to party?

[Jose] – Of course Madrid and Barcelona has the biggest clubs and the most entertaining. But, there are so many great cities in Spain, that I invite to all my polish friends to visit the coast of Andalucia, Sitges and Valencia beaches and of course so many cities in the north of Spain. But overall Spain is its people and we love to welcome all and make them feel at home.

[MisterSeeMore] – In many countries there is a huge discussion on PrEP. What is your viewpoint on whether a gay man should take the PrEP or not?

[Jose] – First of all, is good to remember that PrEP is one of the greatest treatments to protect us against HIV, and along with other methods such as the use of condoms we can fight this disease. Unfortunately in many countries as Spain is not available yet, but hopefully soon this treatment will be available for all of us. But I think that if you have access to it, you should definitely protect yourself and take PrEP.

[MisterSeeMore]  -What are your 3 favorite things would you take with you on deserted island?

[Jose] – (1) A Tom of Finland book, because I love it and inspire me. (2) My best full leather suit, cause a true leather and fetish man never loose the style. (3) And finally and most important I need a horny and insatiable polish versatile guy to play all day and night. Because the whip and the flogger we made it from the own island.

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