Pup Urvo – spotkanie na IG

Pup Urvo – spotkanie na IG

Pup Urvo jest Kanadyjczykiem i spotkaliśmy go na Instagramie [wywiad w j. angielskim].

[MisterSeeMore] – I found you account on Instagram and almost immediately I realized you must have been a fetish lover. Tell the readers of blog.refform.pl who you are, where you live and what is you fetish?

[Pup Urvo] –  I’m a Canadian kinkster, based in Montreal, and go by the name of Urvo in the kink scene. I can be found on instagram @pupurvo . My fetish interests are quite varied and are constantly evolving as my experience grows. There are some constants though, the first being bondage, particularly of the rope variety. I also have a great love of gear and harnesses, be it leather, neoprene, or latex. This is part of what first drew me to the pup scene, as it allows one to wear a wide variety of gear at events!

[MisterSeeMore] – Montreal is a great city. Is St. Catharine Street still the center of gay scene in Montreal?

[Pup Urvo] – It certainly still is at the heart! The summer is particularly interesting as a large stretch of the street is closed to automobiles to allow pedestrians to take over and enjoy the nice summer evenings on the terraces. The past years has also seen a number of events being held outside of the gay village in new venues, so it is by no means the only place to enjoy the gay scene in the city.

[MisterSeeMore] – What do you do for a living?

[Pup Urvo] – I co-founded Friction Co. (@frictionco), treating and dying organic hemp ropes for bondage. This came about as I had difficulty finding rope at the price and quality I wanted in Canada. Most options required me to import from other countries, which quickly made owning a lot of rope unaffordable. This way, I can now easily have multiple colour options! I’ve also started getting involved in promoting rope bondage, doing demos and workshops in Montreal and Ottawa.

[MisterSeeMore] – Do you think there is such a thing as fetish style of life?

[Pup Urvo] – I certainly think there is, and I’ve begun living it this past year. It has been very rewarding for me to spend more time in the community with like-minded individuals, as well as others who have broadened my perspectives. There is also something quite liberating in living authentically, and not needing to censor yourself when speaking of sexual interests publicly.

[MisterSeeMore] – Where do the fetishists in Montreal meet up? Are there any fetish clubs? How do they look like?

[Pup Urvo] – There are a number of clubs and dungeons available to fetishists in Montreal, though by no means am I familiar with all of them. The dungeons host workshops, parties, classes, events, munches, etc. They’re perfect to socialize, see or learn something new, or have a good old time! There are a number of parties such as Kode which occur in various venues across the city through the year. This is great for those wanting to simply drink and dance in their favourite piece of gear and show off a bit. Montreal is also host to Fetish Weekend, which draws people from all over the world to partake in their fetishes and discover new ones. That weekend features a ton of options such as demonstrations, fashion shows, and play-parties.

[MisterSeeMore] – Do you like partying? If so, where is the best bar/club in Canada to meet up and play?

[Pup Urvo] – The party/dance scene is never one I really got into. The only events of that nature that I’m prone to attend are the gear ones, such as Kode which I mentioned earlier. For those wanting that kind of evening, though, there are certainly a lot of options in Montreal, as well as in other Canadian cities.

[MisterSeeMore] – Have you ever meet any Polish guys?  What do you think of them?

[Pup Urvo] – Montreal is so culturally diverse that it would be very improbable for me not to have met any! Poland is one of many European countries I have yet to travel to and enjoy, and in all honesty, it is not a culture I am very familiar with.

[MisterSeeMore] – There is a huge discussion in Poland about PrEP.  What is your viewpoint on this. Should gay men take the pills?

[Pup Urvo] – There are many great reasons to use PrEP (although it might not be suitable for everyone), and I certainly urge gay men whose lifestyle places them at higher risk for HIV to find a sex-positive doctor or clinic and have that conversation with them.  It’s one of many tools that should be used, along with condoms and regular testing to prevent the spread of infections, by gay men who are sexually active.

[MisterSeeMore] – What 3 things would like take with you on a deserted island?

[Pup Urvo] – That’s a rather easy question! My bag of ropes, a willing rope sub, and a camera to capture the memories. There’s something in capturing bondage photos outdoors, in the wild, and in unusual places that speaks to me, both sexually and artistically.

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