Oscar – spotkanie na IG

Oscar – spotkanie na IG

W ramach “Spotkany na IG” dzisiaj rozmowa z Oscarem z Hiszpanii. Zapraszam.

[MisterSeeMore] – While browsing the Instagram I found your account with many great pictures. Tell us who you are what is your home country?

[Oscar] – My name is Oscar ( IG: @oscarbarcelona ). I was born in Santiago de Compostela and for the past 10 years I have been living in Barcelona.  I came to Barcelona to be far from the city I was born in and grew up. I needed a change in my life and Barcelona was the chosen city. It is open to everyone, with people from all around the globe and one of the most LGBT cities in Spain.

[MisterSeeMore] – You are very fit and in almost all the pictures you wear some kind of fetish clothing. What is your favorite fetish?

[Oscar] – I consider myself a very fetish boy and I find fetish even in the smallest details; a simple pair of socks for example. I am very into sportswear, boys with white underwear, jeans that mark a nice ass or a nice package, boys in catsuit rubber, leather harness, military boots and so on…  For me the fetish is kinkiness and it is welcome in all its shapes and forms. I walk and breath kinkiness since without it there is neither joy nor fun.

[MisterSeeMore] – Is there any particular brand that you like?

[Oscar] – Boxer, Cellblock13, Invicible, NastyPig, Nike, Bike, MrB… but Boxer is the main fetish brank with stores here in Barcelona.

[MisterSeeMore] – How often do you work out?

[Oscar] – I usually go to the gym 4 days a week and from time to time during the week skate in the streets of Barcelona. I am not a slave to my body, just keeping fit. On the weekends I like to give me my whims: skip the diet, party…

[MisterSeeMore] – Have you ever met any Polish guys in Barcelona? If so, how do you find Polish gay men?

[Oscar] – The truth is that I think there is not a big Polish community here in Barcelona. The ones I met are nice but a bit too timid and reserved.

[MisterSeeMore] – If one likes partying, what is the best place to party?

[Oscar] – If you are looking for vice and fetish nights, the place in Barcelona is Berlin Dark BCN. It’s a fetish bar where people not only can practise sex but also meet other people, talk, have a drink, socialize. If you are looking for other types of parties, in the various nightclubs there are usually “theme” Parties every weekend: bite, PopAir, Brut, Matrix… Barcelona is a city where there is no exclusively gay neighbourhood, as Chueca in Madrid. Consequently, it is common to find places in which gay, lesbian, heterosexual, trans coexist in perfect harmony… and I think this is the charm of the Barcelona nightlife.

[MisterSeeMore] – I guess, Barcelona is a very gay-friendly city. What does this city offer to gay men?

[Oscar] – Barcelona is a city open to the world and its people demonstrated by you. It is very gay-friendly. Holding hands, kissing or any other public display of affection between gays or lesbian is normal in this city. During the day the is a great offer of restaurants, little shops, cultural activities and the city is reach in architecture and historic points to visit. The variety of things that you can do in Barcelona can satisfy any taste or interest. Apart from the gay friendly character of the city (restaurants gay shops, gays, gay hotels, gay festivities..) the main attributes of Barcelona is diversity, variety and international exposure.

[MisterSeeMore] – In many countries there is a huge discussion on PrEP. What is your viewpoint on whether a gay man should take the PrEP or not?

[Oscar] – The PrEP is a breakthrough in the fight against HIV. It could potentially eliminate the disease or, in the best cases, reduce the number of infections that occur every year. I am in favour of any preventive measures. The Center PrEP Point is operating in Barcelona. The first of a private nature in Europe for the study and monitoring of people that decide to take the PrEP on their own

[MisterSeeMore] – What 3 things would you take with you on deserted island?

[Oscar] – Something to fish, something to sleep (mattress, hammock …) and a friend …

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